Diane Schweitzer

Program Director, Patient Care


Diane supports the Patient Care Program's exploratory work in the area of high-need patients.

Diane Schweitzer


Diane draws on extensive for-profit and nonprofit management experience, including over 22 years of consulting focused on organizational transformation of philanthropic organizations and nonprofit agencies.

Diane served for six years as a member of the senior management team at the Robin Hood Foundation while working as the director of management assistance. She also worked, at various times, as acting program officer for early childhood programs, education programs, and youth & after school programs for Robin Hood. Diane previously worked as a strategy consultant at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. She started her career as an analyst and subsequently an associate at Morgan Stanley & Co. and completed a summer internship at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Diane earned her master’s degree from the Yale University School of Management, where she was selected as a teaching assistant for graduate level economics and finance courses. Diane earned an AB in human biology and French studies from Stanford University.


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