Find us in Palo Alto and the Presidio of San Francisco

Palo Alto: Main Office

1661 Page Mill Road  |  Palo Alto CA 94304  | Phone: 650-213-3000  |  Fax: 650-213-3003

San Francisco: Investment Office

One Letterman Drive, Building C, Suite 3320  |  Letterman Digital Arts Center, Presidio  | San Francisco CA 94129  |  Phone: 415-292-2750

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*Please note – We have been notified of email scam in which messages appear to come from the foundation indicating that a grant payment is waiting for the recipient. We would like to confirm that this is not from us, and we will only reach out through formal channels and email addresses ending in If you receive an email or other communication seemingly from the foundation that you feel is suspicious, please disregard it. Questions or concerns can be addressed to