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Courtesy of Michael Webster

Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

Our Environmental Conservation Program balances long-term conservation with sustainable use. We protect critical ecosystems. We establish models for collaboration that can be replicated and expanded around the globe. And we seek to create lasting change in how land, freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems are managed.

Healthy ecosystems sustain us. They offer food and clean water, supply medicines and raw materials and provide for the livelihoods of those who make their living from the land or sea. If managed well, they can continue to support people and communities for generations to come.

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Guillermo Castilleja, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer

Genevieve Biggs, Communications Officer

Sunila Rao, Executive Assistant

Aleina Hammonds, Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Rea, Program Manager

Mary Ann Fake, Program Director

Andes-Amazon Initiative

Avecita Chicchón, Ph.D., Program Director

Paulina Arroyo, Program Officer

Marina Campos, Ph.D., Program Officer

Michael Painter, Program Officer

Marisela Chávez-Narváez, Program Associate

Conservation and Markets Initiatives

Aileen Lee, Program Director

Maureen Geesey, Program Officer

Meredith Lopuch, Program Officer

Leonardo Colombo Fleck, Program Officer

Heather Wright, Program Officer

Marine Conservation Initiative

Denny Takahashi Kelso, Program Director

Meaghan Calcari Campbell, Program Officer, British Columbia

Sean Cosgrove, Program Officer, Washington, DC

Natalie Ragan, Program Associate

Rachel Strader, Program Officer, New England

Mary Turnipseed, Ph.D., Program Officer

Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative

Aileen Lee, Program Director

Erin Dovichin, Program Officer

Jennifer Straw, Program Associate

Ivan Thompson, Program Officer