Amalia Fernandez Panella, Ph.D.

Program Officer, Science


Amalia is a program officer with the Moore Foundation’s Science Program.

Amalia Fernandez Panella, Ph.D.


As a program officer in the foundation's Science Program, Amalia is a member of the Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EPiQS) Initiative.

Prior to joining the foundation, Amalia was a staff researcher at the Shock Physics Group at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where she conducted complex high-energy density experiments at the National Ignition Facility and other high-power laser facilities in the US to determine the physical properties of matter at extreme conditions (i.e. high pressure, high density, high temperatures) relevant for inertial confinement fusion, geophysical and planetary science. Amalia is trained as a condensed matter physicist and has an interdisciplinary background in material science, strongly correlated electron systems, and high energy density physics.

Amalia was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. She received a B.S in physics from Autonomous University of Madrid, and a Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from Grenoble University, France, investigating the physical properties of Yb-based heavy fermion materials under pressure and low-temperatures. She completed postdoctoral research in the Shock Physics Group at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California.


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