Advancing the frontier of experimental physics

Opportunities abound to advance the scientific frontier in experimental physics. We have confidence that work done for its own intrinsic interest is intellectually satisfying and can sometimes lead to great benefits to society.

Yet, the funding landscape in the United States has serious gaps that limit the rate of discovery for scientists in the physical sciences. Brilliant young scientists are actively recruited by universities and are provided substantial start-up funds to help them get off to a quick start in their work. The assumption is that after a few years (typically five), this focused support will be sufficient for the best young scientists to create a research record and fare well in the competition for research funding. But the brutal truth is that the success rates for research proposals is low, introducing a large element of chance into research careers.

It is common for excellent ideas from brilliant people to be left unfunded. The net effect is that precisely at the moment when scientists could be at their most productive, many start to run on fiscal fumes. Creative people increase the amount of time they spend applying for grants just at the point when they have the skills, team and ideas to advance the frontier most rapidly.

The goals of the initiative by the end of the eleventh year are:  

  • The 100 mid-career scientists who have received Moore Foundation funding have distinguished themselves among their peers as having made extraordinary contributions to the field of experimental physics.
  • Collaboration among Moore Investigators has led to advances in experimental physics that would not have occurred without Moore Foundation support.

To achieve its goals, the Moore Investigators in Experimental Physics Initiative will employ two connected strategies.

  1. The first is to select and support outstanding individual investigators, and provide them with access to an instrumentation fund, to support cutting-edge research in experimental physics and improve scientific understanding of the natural world.

  2. Second is to host convocations and other interactions among the investigators to unleash creativity through exchanging ideas, and fostering collaboration that will lead to insightful experiments and new discoveries.

The initiative has also been intentionally designed to include incentives for investigators to promote diversity in physics, astrophysics and geophysics.

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Supporting 100 mid-career scientists to make extraordinary contributions to the field of experimental physics.

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