Our Grantmaking

Driven by the vision of our founders, we enable lasting, meaningful change through sustained, scientifically sound philanthropy. We appreciate our role as society’s venture capital, making bold investments and taking considered risks, to attain significant results that can improve the future. We seek to achieve through philanthropy what Gordon Moore accomplished for the world of computing: to create an ever more powerful engine of progress in society.

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Our Founders

Gordon and Betty Moore established the foundation to create positive outcomes for future generations. In 1965, Gordon made a rule-of-thumb prediction that later became known as Moore’s Law. As a founder of Intel, he helped shape what we now recognize as the Silicon Valley and technology sector. Betty’s personal commitment to improving the experience of patients and the couple’s desire to expand knowledge, conserve the natural world, and preserve all that makes the Bay Area special, inspires our work daily.

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Working at Moore

We strive to make a real difference in our world today and for generations to come. Together, we work tirelessly to honor the vision of our founders and serve as stewards of the resources they entrusted to us. We establish specific strategies based on input from experts, identify partners who share our goals, and measure results along the way—all while making adjustments as needed. We build relationships and fund work in areas where we hope to make a significant impact. We’re okay with failing, as long as we learn from our mistakes. And we know that working together expands our ability to drive meaningful change.

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