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date grant program term amount
Jul 2017 Territorial Management Planning for Sustainability of the Xingu Mosaic. Environmental Conservation 18 months $1,700,000
Jul 2017 Threats to Ecological Hotspots of the Arctic Ocean – Prioritizing for the Future Environmental Conservation 18 months $757,593
Jul 2017 Implementation of the Integrated Management Action Plan for the Madeira (BR-319) Mosaic, Brazil Environmental Conservation 18 months $820,000
Jul 2017 Collaborating to Protect Ocean Ecosystems and Coastal Communities from the Harms of Increased Arctic Vessel Traffic Environmental Conservation 31 months $1,163,941
Jul 2017 Long-term Conservation of Protected Area Systems in Peru Environmental Conservation 12 months $1,000,000
Jul 2017 Keystone Dialogue Environmental Conservation 18 months $367,000
Jun 2017 Microbial Sweet Tooth: Investigating How Marine Microbes Produce and Consume Complex Sugars Science 40 months $1,583,121
Jun 2017 Consolidation of the Ampiyacu Mosaic in Loreto, Peru Environmental Conservation 12 months $950,000
Jun 2017 Ocean Project Outreach Environmental Conservation 14 months $200,000
Jun 2017 New Era of Patient Safety Thematic Issue Patient Care 20 months $800,000
Jun 2017 Addressing Diagnostic Error Using the Patient Safety Transformation Model Patient Care 14 months $725,100
Jun 2017 Book Project: Ten Years After A Perfect Storm in the Amazon Wilderness Environmental Conservation 12 months $104,000
Jun 2017 Consolidating the Lower Rio Negro Mosaic: Ensuring the Sustainability of Management Programs Environmental Conservation 7 months $200,000
May 2017 SeaHawk CubeSat-Sustained Ocean Color Observations with Nanosatellites Science 48 months $2,400,000
May 2017 Development of a Quantum Gas Microscope for Ultracold Molecules Science 36 months $1,153,500
May 2017 Moore Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow Science 36 months $600,000
May 2017 Production Treatment for Documentary on Preparing for Aging Patient Care 7 months $75,000
May 2017 The Safer Dx Learning Lab: A Demonstration Project For Improving Diagnostic Safety Patient Care 36 months $3,525,397
May 2017 Consolidation of Andes Amazon Mosaics Environmental Conservation 30 months $6,700,000
May 2017 Public Engagement in Astronomy Science 12 months $299,808
May 2017 Planning for a Serious Illness Care Payment Model Simulator Patient Care 5 months $179,908
May 2017 Advancing a National Dialogue about Affordable, High-Quality Health Care and Coverage Patient Care 11 months $499,767
May 2017 Addressing Disparities in Diagnostic Errors and Medication Safety in the Home Patient Care 6 months $75,347
May 2017 Sustainable Ocean Policy Environmental Conservation 10 months $239,173