Gordon and Betty Moore are committed to strategic philanthropy in the community that they call home—the San Francisco Bay Area. Their decision to support conservation and science and technology learning museums reflects how their family values the environment and prioritizes a commitment to excite people about science. 


The San Francisco Bay Area is renowned for its biodiversity and natural beauty— golden hills, sparkling coastline and redwood forests. These important natural areas provide wildlife habitat, enhance the quality of life for residents and differentiate the Bay Area from other large metropolitan areas. That’s why we’re committed to conserving these unique and irreplaceable treasures.

Informal Science

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the nation’s preeminent science and technology museums. These learning centers have the power to stimulate people’s curiosity in science and cultivate a lifelong interest, especially in children. We support educational programming, teacher development and the research and evaluation at these learning centers—all with the goal of encouraging people to explore.

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