Matthew White, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Physics, University of Vermont


2023 Experimental Physics Investigator

Matthew White, Ph.D.

Research Description

Matthew White’s research investigates the relationship between material/dimensional properties and optical/optoelectronic response of metal-dielectric photonic crystals. Although organic dyes are widely used in optically pumped lasers, there has been no successful demonstration of an electrically pumped organic diode laser. His research seeks to develop a thorough understanding of the electronic and photo-physical processes surrounding optically and electrically pumped lasing in one-dimensional metal-dielectric photonic crystal organic light emitting diodes. The unique structure is built from stacked microcavity organic light emitting diode and offers inherent properties to address the primary hurdles to reach the electrically pumped lasing threshold.

Research Impact

With the ability to control the energy, momentum, and polarization of light, the metal dielectric photonic crystal organic light emitting diodes open new frontiers in photonic optoelectronics. Organic diode lasers could enable the use of lasers on virtually any surface.

Dr. White’s thin-film technology could see direct applications in lab-on-chip spectroscopy in microfluidics for sensing of trace chemicals and medical monitoring. Fiber-coupled or free-space telecommunication applications could benefit from color-tunable, flexible, coherent light sources.


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PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder
BS, University of Washington

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