David Leibrandt, Ph.D.

Professor, Physics & Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles


2023 Experimental Physics Investigator

David Leibrandt, Ph.D.

Research Description

There is concrete evidence that the Standard Model of particle physics is incomplete, and using particle accelerators to resolve these outstanding puzzles will be prohibitively expensive, or infeasible in many cases. Tabletop precision measurements have emerged as a promising alternative.

David Leibrandt’s research aims to extend tabletop precision measurement searches to trapped designer polyatomic molecular ions with orders of magnitude enhanced sensitivity to search for effects that lie beyond the Standard Model.

Research Impact

Dr. Leibrandt’s work has the potential to shed light on some of the biggest outstanding puzzles in fundamental physics today, such as the matter-antimatter asymmetry puzzle and the nature of dark matter, using precision quantum-logic spectroscopy of polyatomic molecules. The sub-Kelvin collisional cooling techniques being pursued in this work could be used for tests of quantum electrodynamics and searches for fifth forces. The molecular quantum-logic techniques developed also holds the potential to open new doors in physical chemistry and biochemistry.


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