Andrei Faraon, Ph.D.

William L. Valentine Professor of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics and Materials Science, California Institute of Technology


2023 Experimental Physics Investigator

Andrei Faraon, Ph.D.

Research Description

Andrei Faraon’s research group works with multiple species of rare-earth ions coupled to nano-photonic resonators and studies the quantum interaction between them and other atoms in their vicinity. The spins associated with rare-earths and other defects in solids provide a window into a wide range of phenomena related to quantum coherence in complex systems at the levels of atoms and molecules.

This team is one of the few research groups that has the capability to study single rare-earths and plan to augment their experimental platform to enable addressing multiple rare-earth ions of different species, a research direction that only now is starting to be possible.

Research Impact

Dr. Faraon’s work could lead to a new experimental platform enabling the next generation of optical quantum networks and probing the quantum entanglement frontier. If so, they will be in the position to test new network protocols and to study quantum many body physics in parameter spaces that were not previously accessible to other experimental systems and are of interest to the quantum optics and condensed matter physics communities.


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PhD, Stanford University
MSc, Stanford University
BS, California Institute of Technology

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