Kater Murch, Ph.D.

Professor, Physics, Washington University in St. Louis


2022 Experimental Physics Investigator

Kater Murch, Ph.D.
Image credit: Sean Garcia

Research Description

The fundamental building blocks of many quantum technologies, such as a quantum computer, are quantum bits, or qubits. Kater Murch’ s research strives to advance the state of the art of qubits using an exciting new technology. Dr. Murch's research team will build an interface between two spin states as qubits and existing superconducting qubit technology.

Research Impact

The promise of quantum technologies is to harness aspects of the complexity of quantum systems. This complexity comes from properties of different quantum systems that interact and become entangled. The main roadblock to using this quantum complexity is that the entanglement is difficult to control and maintain. Dr. Murch’s research team will advance these technologies by creating a type of qubit that can be entangled with other qubits, yet is well protected from effects that disturb entanglement allowing them to maintain its quantum advantage.


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PhD, Physics, University of California, Berkeley
BA, Physics, Reed College

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