Nathalie de Leon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Princeton University


2023 Experimental Physics Investigator

Nathalie de Leon, Ph.D.

Research Description

Correlated phenomena play a central role in condensed matter physics, but in many cases there are no tools that allow for measurements of correlations at the relevant length scales (nanometers - microns). Nathalie de Leon’s group has developed a new technique — nanoscale covariance magnetometry — to measure classical correlations between the electronic spin states of two noninteracting nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. This proof-of-principle demonstration paves the way for deploying covariance magnetometry as a tool for studying condensed matter systems at unprecedented levels.

Research Impact

Dr. de Leon’s new technique could significantly expand the reach of magnetic sensors in space, time, and sensitivity to probe questions inaccessible by any current technique. Her research program has the potential to open up new frontiers for nanoscale quantum sensing in applications that include superconductivity, magnetic materials, and heterostructures with strong electron-electron correlation effects.


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PhD, Harvard University
MSc, Harvard University
BS, Stanford University

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