David Weld, Ph.D.

Professor, Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara


2023 Experimental Physics Investigator

David Weld, Ph.D.

Research Description

What new features can occur in an evolving quantum system if measurement and feedback are included as ingredients? In a sense this situation is ubiquitous – all quantum systems are coupled to, and therefore "measured by," some larger classical system – but the effects of these measurements and feedback on the quantum systems are largely unknown.

David Weld is experimentally studying the effects of measurement and feedback on quantum matter comprising trapped cold atoms. This approach involves a new apparatus featuring degenerate quantum gases in arrays of optical tweezers.

Research Impact

Dr. Weld’s work to develop techniques for controlling the flow of entropy, energy, and information in quantum systems could have a major impact on all scientific or technological platforms which rely on quantum control.


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PhD, Stanford University
AB, Harvard University

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