Mengkun Liu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy, Stony Brook University


2023 Experimental Physics Investigator

Mengkun Liu, Ph.D.

Research Description

The primary objects of study are nonreciprocal polaritons, which are particle-like excitations of light and matter which strongly couple to incident light and develop non-trivial energy-momentum dispersions. These polaritons have unique properties which are important prerequisite conditions to establish low-loss optical communication in an on-chip solid-state platform. Mengkun Liu’s research group developed the world’s first scattering-type magneto-infrared near-field nanoscopy. They plan to use these magneto nanoscopes to study nonreciprocal polariton wave propagation in Dirac and Weyl materials.

Research Impact

Dr. Liu’s research can provide a comprehensive understanding of nonreciprocal polaritonic behavior in low-dimensional materials, which has the potential to greatly advance the field of nanophotonics and open new opportunities for the development of novel photonic devices with unprecedented functionalities. His magneto near-field nanoscopes has already started to revolutionize the field of nano-optics by enabling the visualization of nanoscale polaritons in a magnetic field using a closed-cycle system, a scientific breakthrough that was previously unattainable.


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PhD, Boston University
BS, Fudan University, Shanghai

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