Jairo Velasco Jr. , Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Physics, University of California Santa Cruz


2022 Experimental Physics Investigator

Jairo Velasco Jr. , Ph.D.
Image credit: Carolyn Lagattuta Photography, University of California Santa Cruz

Research Description

Jairo Velasco Jr.’s research focuses on characterizing the physical properties of individual point defects in two-dimensional (2D) materials. Point defects are atomic scale disruptions that occur in the structures of crystalline solids, and 2D materials are a special class of solids that are atomically thin. 2D point defects possess tiny intrinsic magnets (electron or nuclear spin) that can be utilized to encode and process information in ways that are fundamentally different than those used in current technology.

Dr. Velasco’s research team is working towards addressing the following scientific questions:
1. What is the identity of individual point defects found in 2D materials?
2. How stable are the spins hosted by individual point defects, and for how long can they be manipulated?

To execute this research, the team will use cutting-edge tools that are flexible, have atomic-scale spatial resolution and high energetic precision. The team will also collaborate with a quantum theorist to develop realistic models to compare to their experimental results.

Research Impact

The spins hosted by point defects in 2D materials are a promising platform for future quantum information processing hardware, which operates under distinct principles compared to existing technology. Enhancing fundamental understanding of this potential platform may enable new computers and sensors with unprecedented speed, sensitivity, and functionalities. Current approaches to study spins in 2D point defects lack the high spatial resolution necessary for determining the identity of individual defects and the dynamics of spins hosted by individual defects. This is crucial knowledge for advancing the viability of 2D point defects as a future quantum information processing platform.


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Postdoctoral study, Physics, University of California Berkeley
PhD, Physics, University of California Riverside
BS, Physics, Syracuse University

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