Wesley Campbell, Ph.D.

Professor, Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles


2022 Experimental Physics Investigator

Wesley Campbell, Ph.D.
Image credit: Penny Jennings

Research Description

Lasers can be used to cool gas-phase atoms to a fraction of a degree above absolute zero through repeated scattering of light, a process that is often the starting point for precise manipulation and quantum-enhanced applications.

Wesley Campbell is designing a new class of molecules that will retain the ability to repeatedly scatter light without becoming vibrationally excited, and thus reach the ultracold regime needed for quantum-enhanced applications.

Research Impact

Dr. Campbell’s research team is aiming to manipulate arbitrary molecular species as effectively as researchers currently control gas-phase atoms, enabling quantum applications to have access to the richness of chemistry. This may allow the design of advanced molecular sensors, precision searches for new physics, or even the construction of quantum processors using chemical assembly.


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PhD, Physics, Harvard University
BS, Physics, Trinity University

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