Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia (National Parks of Colombia) 

Colombia is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, harboring more than 15 percent of all the planet’s species. The national park system is made up of 59 protected areas (14.2 million hectares), home to a variety of ecosystems. From wet and dry tropical forests to arid areas and beaches, as well as mangroves and marine areas, the country exemplifies biodiversity. Amazon protected areas represent 70 percent of the entire park system. Many of the protected areas include museums, archaeological remains and cave paintings related to pre-Columbian cultures. The parks unit aims to conserve the fascinating fauna, flora, and culture and archaeology, and to maintain the biological diversity of the country’s national parks. 

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Grantee Organizations

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title programs year grants amount
Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Inc. Science, San Francisco Bay Area 2012 1 $157,000
Center for American Progress Environmental Conservation 2015 1 $392,249
Center for Excellence in Health Care Journalism Patient Care 2015 2 $233,000
Center for International Environmental Law, Inc. Environmental Conservation 2011 1 $1,500,000
Center for International Policy Inc. Environmental Conservation 2009 2 $325,064
Center for New American Security Environmental Conservation 2012 1 $75,000
Center for Quality Systems Improvement d/b/a Cynosure (Cynosure Health Solutions) Patient Care 2008 7 $4,337,720
Center for Resource Economics, Island Press Environmental Conservation 2005 3 $470,873
Centre for Ocean Life, DTU Aqua, Technical University of Denmark Science 2016 1 $1,580,044
Centro de Conservacion, Investigacion y Manejo de Areas Naturales (Center for Conservation, Research and Management of Natural Areas) Environmental Conservation 2007 3 $3,380,175
Centro de Trabalho Indigenista (Indigenous Work Center) Environmental Conservation 2004 2 $2,240,801
Centro Internacional de la Papa (International Potato Center) Environmental Conservation 2005 1 $899,000
Centro para el Desarrollo del Indígena Amazónico Environmental Conservation 2016 1 $710,000
Ceres, Inc. Environmental Conservation 2013 4 $6,457,541
Chabot Space & Science Center San Francisco Bay Area 2004 12 $10,109,102
Charles University in Prague Science 2015 1 $130,000
Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose San Francisco Bay Area 2011 1 $498,760
Chinese Hospital Patient Care 2005 2 $550,830
Clark University, Clark Labs Science, Environmental Conservation 2006 6 $4,626,521
Climate Advisers Environmental Conservation 2012 2 $318,900
Climate Focus North America, Inc. Environmental Conservation 2011 2 $429,400
ClimateWorks Foundation Environmental Conservation 2012 5 $1,818,000
Coalition to Transform Advanced Care Patient Care 2016 2 $564,150
Coastal Enterprises Inc. (CEI) Environmental Conservation 2015 1 $113,445

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