Leslie Schoop

Princeton University, EPiQS Materials Synthesis Investigator


Dr. Schoop is assistant professor of chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University.

Leslie Schoop

Research Description

Dr. Schoop is assistant professor of chemistry in the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University. Schoop works at the interface between chemistry and physics; she develops chemical rules and guidelines for the design of new quantum materials. She has already made significant contributions for other researchers in the field of topological matter: Using her rules, she has discovered several new topological semimetals and, by preparing high quality crystals of them, sends them to researchers around the world to study their extraordinary properties. Schoop has also ventured into the field of 2D materials, where she applies “wet chemical” methods to discover novel 2D magnets.

Dr. Schoop received her undergraduate education in Mainz, Germany, and earned a PhD from Princeton. She did postdoctoral work at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, and was awarded a Minerva fast-track fellowship from the Max Planck Society for this position, which afforded her a high degree of independence. At Stuttgart, Schoop discovered the first example of an air-stable, nontoxic, and easy to handle topological semimetal, ZrSiS, which has now garnered worldwide attention.

Dr. Schoop was honored as a Beckman Young Investigator in 2019.


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