James Analytis

Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis, University of California, Berkeley


Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis

James Analytis

Research Description

James Analytis joined the physics faculty at the University of California, Berkeley as the Charles Kittel Chair in condensed matter physics in 2013. His team’s focus is to create and study exotic materials whose properties emerge from the interactions of many quantum particles. His research includes high temperature superconductors, quantum magnets and topological states of matter. In addition to synthesizing materials, Analytis’ group specializes in a number of measurements including thermodynamic response functions, magneto-transport in extreme magnetic fields and resonant magnetic X-ray scattering. The philosophy of the group is to answer fundamental questions in the physics of materials by tailoring both the materials studied and experimental techniques employed.


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B.Sc. in physics, Canterbury University, 2001

D. Phil., University of Oxford as a Rhodes’ Scholar, 2006


Early Career Award, Department of Energy, 2015

Sloan Fellow, 2016

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