Dmitri Basov

Columbia University, EPiQS Experimental Investigator


Uncovering the rich and complex electronic properties of quantum materials using a suite of nano-optical techniques.

Dmitri Basov

Research Description

My research explores the fascinating physical phenomena of correlated electron systems, two-dimensional materials and topological insulators. The development of novel optical spectroscopic instrumentation is an integral part of our research effort. Recently, our group has advanced infrared methods to ultra-fast time scales and ultra-short length scales, enabling access to the optical effects at the nanoscale, deep below the diffraction limit of light. The use of infrared light offers the advantage of matching the energy scale of the interesting electronic phenomena in several classes of quantum materials, including graphene — atomically thin layer of pure carbon.

Our work on infrared nano-imaging has led to the discovery of propagating surface plasmons and phonon polaritons in two-dimensional atomic crystals. We use instrumental innovations to investigate new quantum phenomena, phase transitions and light-induced effects in complex quantum materials.

Currently, I am interested in exploring the transient dynamics of an exotic hybrid state called microcavity polariton, created when excitons interact with photons in a small volume (cavity) in the nanoscale range as well as probing optical signatures of superconductivity in two-dimensional systems.


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Undergraduate degree in Physics, Moscow Physical Engineer Institute, Russia
Ph.D., Physics, Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Postdoctoral research associate, McMaster University


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