Julia Mundy

Moore Fellow in Materials Synthesis, Harvard University


Assistant Professor of Physics

Julia Mundy

Research Description

Julia Mundy joined the Department of Physics at Harvard University as an assistant professor in 2018. Her group's research combines atomically-precise thin film deposition with sub-Angstrom imaging and spectroscopy to design, construct and probe novel forms of complex matter. Dr. Mundy has demonstrated how epitaxy can be exploited to stabilize metastable oxides materials. Using this technique, she manipulated the picoscale lattice distortions in a metastable oxide film in a manner that strongly enhanced the magnetic order, forming the first room-temperature strong multiferroic material. Dr. Mundy's group also employs a number of electronic and magnetic probes to perform correlated measurements on the synthesized materials. Dr. Mundy has a particular interest in electron microscopy and has developed techniques for extracting atomic scale changes to the chemistry and bonding.


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A.B./A.M., Harvard University 

Ph.D., Cornell University 

Postdoctoral fellow, University of California, Berkeley


George E. Valley Jr. Prize, American Physical Society

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