The Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative is working to protect marine and coastal ecosystems by improving aquaculture practices and the health and abundance of wild-capture fish stocks. We are working with key partners to accomplish that goal by ensuring that leading companies implement sustainable sourcing commitments for top-traded seafood commodities, and, without displacement, the companies eliminate overfishing and coastal habitat degradation resulting from the production of these commodities from their supply chains. Three different strategies will be employed, targeting the following outcomes:

  • Private Sector Leadership: The business case for decoupling production from environmental degradation has been established, resulting in increases of key market commitments to source sustainable seafood and make meaningful progress toward implementing those commitments.
  • Transparency: A leading group of key market companies make and implement commitments to track, verify and publically report progress toward eliminating and reforming unsustainable products from their supply chains, with systems developed to enable uptake.
  • Aligning Capital: An improved understanding of the business case for investing in sustainable seafood results in an increase in the amount of capital aligned toward sustainable production of target commodities.


Seafood Collaboration

To help achieve these outcomes, the following partners with specialized areas of expertise will form a seafood collaboration to focus a significant amount of the initiative's strategy and resources: FishWise, Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, World Wildlife Fund, New Venture Fund (the seafood collaboration’s fiscal sponsor, GBMF5208) and the Moore Foundation.

At least fifty percent of the funding for the collaboration will be re-granted to additional organizations whose expertise may be identified as necessary to achieve initiative goals. Questions about these new collaborations may be directed to the foundation, at


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