The Conservation and Financial Markets Initiative seeks to use the power of mainstream financial markets to help drive the food sector away from production practices that degrade natural ecosystems. To do that, we’re working with key partners to ensure that financial institutions, who provide capital to companies involved in beef, soy and seafood commodities, routinely scrutinize the business consequences of deforestation and overfishing. At the same time, partners will develop incentives so that these companies take steps to eliminate the risks and seize opportunities associated with deforestation, illegality and overfishing in their supply chains. Three different strategies will be employed, targeted at the following outcomes: 

  • The financial and business risks and opportunities associated with deforestation and illegality in agriculture and seafood supply chains are assessed, quantified and disseminated among financial institution stakeholders, with the ultimate goal of impacting risk management decisions and capital allocation.

  • A critical mass of financial institutions makes and implements commitments to eliminate deforestation and illegality within agriculture and seafood supply chains in their lending and investment portfolios.

  • A critical mass of companies makes and implements commitments to track, assess and manage for performance against environmental factors that pose significant business risks or opportunities.


Finance Collaboration

To help achieve these outcomes, partners with specific expertise form a finance collaboration to focus a significant amount of the initiative's strategy and resources: Ceres (GBMF5225/5225.01), World Business Council for Sustainable Development (GBMF5227/5227.01), World Wildlife Fund (GBMF5226/5226.01) and the Finance Hub (GBMF6973).

Questions about this collaboration may be directed to the foundation, at

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Aligning mainstream financial markets with the conservation goals of our agriculture and seafood initiatives.


The Sustainable Investment Market

The size of the sustainable investment market has been estimated to be as large as $21 trillion, or 30 percent of all professionally managed assets. 
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