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University of Hawaii Foundation

DNA Barcoding of Endemic Hawaiian Species

This grant to the University of Hawaii Foundation supports scientists at the University of Hawaii, Hilo to examine DNA sequence data from several endemic groups of plants and insects on Hawaii Island and neighboring islands to establish the parameters under which the DNA Barcoding method succeeds as a system of species identification for recently derived (young) species. The evolutionary age gradient of the Hawaiian Islands, anchored by the young and highly species-rich Hawaii Island, renders the archipelago an ideal location for testing the utility of DNA barcoding for species of a range of known ages. The project will focus on several well characterized, endemic groups of plants and insects that possess high species richness on Hawaii Island and representative species on older islands.

Title: DNA Barcoding of Endemic Hawaiian Species
Date Awarded: Sep 2008
Amount: $1,181,111
Term: 24 months
Grant ID: GBMF1972
Funding Area: Science, Special Projects in Science
Organization Name: University of Hawaii Foundation

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