Grant Name:

Lab of David M. Karl, PhD

  • Date Awarded:
    May 2008
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    49 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:

For continued research in the laboratory of Senior Investigator Dr. David M. Karl. The objectives of this grant are to quantify solar energy capture and transduction, and to improve understanding of essential bio-elemental cycles and sequestration of atmospheric carbon by the microbially-mediated oceanic biological carbon pump.

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Oct 2015 How Bacteria Cause a Worm to Settle on the Seafloor Science 30 months $870,506
Jun 2015 Lessons in Leadership Grant Program Patient Care 5 months $10,000
May 2013 David Karl Investigator Award Science 66 months $2,102,000
May 2013 Edward DeLong Investigator Award Science 66 months $2,135,000
Nov 2011 Imiloa Mobile Science Laboratory Science 37 months $1,137,029
Apr 2010 Hawai’i Microbial Oceanography Summer Course Science 40 months $453,578
Sep 2008 DNA Barcoding of Endemic Hawaiian Species Science 24 months $1,181,111
May 2008 Lab of David M. Karl, PhD Science 49 months $4,176,641
Apr 2008 K-12 visits to Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii Science 25 months $670,789
Oct 2007 Equipment for Oceanographic Research and Training Science 12 months $1,995,400
Sep 2006 Remote Monitoring of Marine Ecosystems Science 12 months $450,000
May 2004 Lab of David M. Karl, PhD Science 60 months $3,151,239

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