Grant Name:

Science Education Programming Expansion

  • Date Awarded:
    Nov 2017
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    18 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:

In support of increased opportunities for community engagement in science and astronomy on the Big Island of Hawai’i through new and expanded programming in culture-based science education.

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University of Hawaii Foundation (14)

date grant program term amount
Nov 2017 Science Education Programming Expansion Science 18 months $457,440
Nov 2016 Closing Gaps in Knowledge About Biodiversity and Ecology of the Deep Sea to Better Assess the Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining Other 45 months $2,403,687
Oct 2015 How Bacteria Cause a Worm to Settle on the Seafloor Science 30 months $870,506
Jun 2015 Lessons in Leadership Grant Program Patient Care 5 months $10,000
May 2013 David Karl Investigator Award Science 66 months $2,102,000
May 2013 Edward DeLong Investigator Award Science 66 months $2,135,000
Nov 2011 Imiloa Mobile Science Laboratory Science 37 months $1,137,029
Apr 2010 Hawai’i Microbial Oceanography Summer Course Science 40 months $453,578
Sep 2008 DNA Barcoding of Endemic Hawaiian Species Science 24 months $1,181,111
May 2008 Lab of David M. Karl, PhD Science 49 months $4,176,641
Apr 2008 K-12 visits to Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawaii Science 25 months $670,789
Oct 2007 Equipment for Oceanographic Research and Training Science 12 months $1,995,400
Sep 2006 Remote Monitoring of Marine Ecosystems Science 12 months $450,000
May 2004 Lab of David M. Karl, PhD Science 60 months $3,151,239

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