• Date Awarded:
    May 2004
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    48 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:
    Environmental Conservation

This grant helps Instituto Socioambiental strengthen stewardship of the biodiversity and natural resources in the Amazon’s Rio Negro Basin—the largest drainage system on the planet, contributing 40% of the water in the Amazon Basin. Outcomes include the addition of one million hectares in new protected areas, improvement of management in indigenous territories (10.6 million hectares) in the Upper Rio Negro Basin, and design of a 23-million-hectare northern Amazon ecological corridor.

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Instituto Socioambiental (Socio-Environmental Institute) (11)

date grant program term amount
Jun 2016 Integrated Management of the Upper Rio Negro Basin Environmental Conservation 36 months $1,500,000
Nov 2015 Socioenvironmental Monitoring of the Amazon Basin and Xingu Environmental Conservation 24 months $1,900,000
Nov 2014 Strengthening monitoring systems to improve management of conservation areas in the Brazilian Amazon Environmental Conservation 27 months $1,040,000
Aug 2013 Socio-Environmental Mapping of the Amazon Environmental Conservation 24 months $1,116,991
Sep 2012 Socioenvironmental resilience of Brazilian protected areas Environmental Conservation 24 months $2,110,122
Oct 2010 Consolidation of Protected Areas in the Brazilian Amazon Environmental Conservation 14 months $700,590
Dec 2009 Roraima Socioenvironmental Assessment Environmental Conservation 14 months $96,874
Nov 2007 Rio Negro Participatory Conservation in Brazil- Supplement Environmental Conservation 12 months $174,170
Sep 2007 Amazonia Socioambiental: Consolidation of Protected Areas in the Brazilian Amazon Environmental Conservation 36 months $4,390,438
Aug 2005 Protected Area Monitoring Database Environmental Conservation 7 months $207,960
May 2004 Rio Negro Basin Protection Environmental Conservation 48 months $2,852,000

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