Grant Name:

Makoto Saito Investigator Award

  • Date Awarded:
    May 2013
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    66 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:

In support of obtaining deeper knowledge of major biogeochemically relevant proteins to inform a mechanistic understanding of global marine biogeochemical cycles.

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (19)

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Nov 2017 WHOI-led Innovation Center Science 24 months $3,000,000
Jun 2017 Microbial Sweet Tooth: Investigating How Marine Microbes Produce and Consume Complex Sugars Science 40 months $1,583,121
Jul 2016 Advanced Technology Initiative for Ocean Science Science 18 months $250,000
Nov 2015 Linking Chemical, Physical, and Microbiological Processes that Cause Marine Particles to Disappear Science 30 months $1,070,715
Sep 2015 Screening marine microeukaryotes for their amenability for genetic tool development Science 18 months $149,881
Jan 2015 Unwinding the Circadian Clock in a Sea Anemone Science 36 months $986,626
Nov 2014 Our Radioactive Ocean: Lessons from Fukushima Science 18 months $170,900
Jun 2013 New technology for high resolution analysis of proteins and other organic materials produced by marine microorganisms Science 12 months $650,000
May 2013 Makoto Saito Investigator Award Science 66 months $2,161,000
Sep 2012 Exploring the consequences of microbial communications on bloom dynamics and nutrient cycling in the North Atlantic Ocean Science 42 months $2,423,000
Aug 2012 Identifying and quantifying new markers of microbially mediated nutrient flow in the ocean Science 36 months $883,441
Jul 2012 Investigating dissolved organic matter in the microbial loop Science 40 months $1,923,758
May 2011 Fukushima Ocean Radionuclide Impact Study Science 19 months $4,039,660
Nov 2010 Metalloenzymes as indicators of ocean biogeochemical processes Science 36 months $1,125,081
Oct 2010 Engineering of sampling system for mineral particles and cells Science 26 months $252,165
Sep 2010 Ocean Science Imaging Informatics Science 31 months $2,170,431
May 2008 Dissolved organic matter and microbial diversity Science 37 months $927,412
Oct 2006 Instrumentation for in situ cell sorting and identification Science 36 months $1,556,735
Oct 2006 Equipment for the Analysis of Oceanic Dissolved Organic Carbon Science 12 months $500,000

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