We support healthy ocean ecosystems that can sustain food, jobs and recreation over the long term.

With a growing global population placing ever-greater demands on the ocean, the long-term health of the ocean is threatened by the short-term pursuit of more fish and more profits. That’s why we believe economic incentives aligned with conservation goals can provide lasting benefits for ocean ecosystems and the people who depend on them.


To that end, we focus on two of the largest, yet most solvable, threats to the oceans: overfishing (including bycatch and discards of unwanted catch) and habitat degradation. In partnership with our grantees, we tackle these threats by:

  • Bringing together fishermen, governments, First Nations and other indigenous peoples, recreational users and others to develop comprehensive plans for managing all of the activities occurring in a specific place; and
  • Reforming fishery management systems to ensure that both jobs and fisheries are sustainable.
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Promoting healthy, sustainable marine ecosystems in North America


North American Coastline

The coastline for the United States and Canada totals more than 220,000 kilometers.
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