Andrew Allen, Ph.D.

Comparative and functional genomics of eukaryotic marine phytoplankton


Andrew's research group aims to develop new knowledge and new hypotheses related to gene function, biochemical pathways, ecophysiology and other genome-scale characteristics that typify and distinguish the major microeukaryotic phytoplankton lineages.

Andrew Allen, Ph.D.

Research Description

Marine microbes underpin the function of the earth’s biosphere and serve as indicators of ocean change. Photosynthetic marine microbes account for around half of global photosynthesis annually and together viruses, bacteria and protists account for most of the organic carbon contained within biological entities and are crucial components of coastal and pelagic ecosystems. Knowledge related to microbial diversity and function represents one of the great data gaps in marine observations, despite the fact that marine food web dynamics and associated carbon, nitrogen, silica and other key ocean ecosystem nutrient cycles are largely regulated by microbial activity. Our research group aims to develop new knowledge and new hypotheses related to gene function, biochemical pathways, ecophysiology and other genome-scale characteristics that typify and distinguish the major microeukaryotic phytoplankton lineages. We will develop new resources and protocols for marine microeukaryotic functional genomics and systems biology, and pursue experimental approaches to characterize cellular and genome-scale processes that facilitate adaptation to physiological stress and regulate nutrient biogeochemistry.

Other studies aim to characterize eukaryotic phytoplankton interactions with bacteria and RNA viruses in order to investigate cellular defense, resistance and interaction mechanisms. We will perform ecological genomics experiments to elucidate biogeochemically relevant cellular features that influence the distribution and occurrence of major phytoplankton groups. Together these studies will integrate physiological, bioinformatic, statistical, functional and comparative genomics strategies and data streams to elucidate the regulatory networks that regulate nutrient flux for the major lineages of marine eukaryotic phytoplankton.

Research Impact

Our research group has been organizing and curating the emerging wealth of genomic information for marine microbes, in particular eukaryotic microbes. These computational and bioinformatics resources are enabling data-driven approaches for experimental investigation of cellular features and evolutionary themes that distinguish and characterize major lineages of eukaryotic phytoplankton. Comparative and evolutionary genomics analyses related to the origin and distribution of gene families within and between lineages provide a phylogenetic context for laboratory-based model organism and field-based ecological genomics studies. We are developing and optimizing methods for targeted genetic manipulations which, coupled with systems biology and modeling activities, are generating new information regarding the importance of particular transcripts, proteins and other genetic elements for controlling nutrient homeostasis and metabolism. These developing methods, cell lines and other resources are contributing to a new view of taxonomic and functional diversity and microbially mediated nutrient flux in the marine environment. Given the importance of understanding ecosystem productivity in various ocean regions to a range of scientific fields, these interdisciplinary studies are of broad interest. In particular, they are relevant for numerical modelers interested in ocean biogeochemistry as well as climate responses; microbiologists, plant scientists, evolutionary biologists as well as biogeochemists; paleoceanographers and climatologists; and microbial oceanographers.


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Ph.D., Nitrate Uptake by Heterotrophic Bacteria and the Diversity of Bacterial Nitrate Assimilation Genes in Marine Systems
Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, 2002

B.A., Biology and English
Vassar College, 1996


Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Microbial Biology, A Partial Genome Microarray for the Study of Fe and N Metabolism in the Coastal Marine Diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana

DIALOG V Symposium Invited Participant
American Society of Limnology and Oceanography 

Best Ph.D. student presentation at the University of Georgia, Institute of Ecology Graduate Student Symposium 

Award of Distinction for Outstanding Senior Biology Thesis, Effects of Anoxia on Metabolism of the Green Macroalga (Ulva lactuca) and the Brown Algae (Alaria esculenta), Department of Biology, Vassar College, May 1996 

Award of Distinction for Outstanding Senior English Thesis, Patriotic Responsibility on the Nationalist Frontier, A Bioregional Literary Analysis of Cooperstown New York
Department of English, Vassar College, May 1996


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