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Fondo Ambiental Nacional

Condor-Kutuku Corridor Conservation

This grant supports the creation and consolidation of protected areas in the Ecuadorian Andes. Fondo de las Americas and implementing NGOs will complete dossiers and applications for four new protected areas with regional and national agencies. This grant is part of a series of three Foundation grants in support of the conservation of the Condor Kutuku corridor of Peru and Ecuador. Outcomes include four new protected areas (Cerro Plateado, Tayunts, Cordillera del Condor El Quimi, and El Zarza) totaling 68,566 hectares and implementation of management for an additional 911,958 hectares of national park, indigenous territory, and protected area lands (Sangay, Podocarpus, Shuar Arutam, and El Condor).

Title: Condor-Kutuku Corridor Conservation
Date Awarded: Dec 2005
Amount: $1,570,000
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF688
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Andes-Amazon Initiative
Organization Name: Fondo Ambiental Nacional

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