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Grants List


Courtesy of Rachel Strader

New Venture Fund

Financing needs assessment for New England finfish fisheries

To inform funders and interested stakeholders on needs and opportunities for New England groundfish and monkfish fisheries financing to enhance durability of sustainable management.

Title: Financing needs assessment for New England finfish fisheries
Date Awarded: Apr 2013
Amount: $250,705
Term: 7 months
Grant ID: GBMF2873
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Marine Conservation Initiative
Organization Name: New Venture Fund

Building a Sustainable Value Chain for NE Groundfish

In June 2014, Future of Fish and Neel Inamdar authored a report assessing the constraints, availability of financing and fundable initiatives within the New England groundfish fishery as it continues to adjust to conditions under sector management. The report identifies a number of financing opportunities for foundations and financial institutions to engage with the fishery and invest in initiatives that show promise for bringing the fishery back to prosperity. 

Click here to read the full report. A two-page overview is available here.