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Grants List


California Institute for Nursing & Health Care

New Graduate RN Transition Program

In support of the engagement of 250 new RN graduates from the 5-county San Francisco Bay Area (SFBA) schools of nursing to participate in Transition Programs with SFBA healthcare facilities, to better prepare them for nursing jobs. A Request for Proposal grant opportunity will establish regional collaboratives in the SFBA to develop and execute pilot Transition Programs. A network of these collaboratives will facilitate sharing of challenges and best practices and conduct an evaluation of these programs' impact on new RN graduates' ability to further develop their competencies and secure a job upon completion.

Title: New Graduate RN Transition Program
Date Awarded: Oct 2009
Amount: $710,000
Term: 24 months
Grant ID: GBMF2239.01
Funding Area: Patient Care, Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative