Our Patient Care Program aims to improve the experience and outcomes people have with their care. Currently, we are exploring two areas: patient safety and serious illness care.

In patient safety we are examining how to achieve excellence in medical diagnoses by establishing methods to detect and measure diagnostic errors and deploying practices that are likely to reduce errors. Part of our work is also looking at medication safety, particularly for the more vulnerable population – the elderly and people with multiple chronic health conditions.

In serious illness care, we are exploring how best to support individuals and the health care system in preparing, and caring, for people living with multiple chronic conditions and who are also limited in their ability to perform common everyday activities.

Our mission to improve the experience and outcomes of patient care originates from our co-founder, Betty Irene Moore. Based on her own experience in the hospital, and in caring for family members who have been hospitalized, Betty saw an opportunity to improve the quality and safety of care delivered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through an effort spanning more than a decade, our Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative engaged bedside nurses to lead improvement efforts that successfully changed the way hospitals provide care throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and greater Sacramento. Today, we continue to provide nurses with education and training to improve the experience and outcomes of patient care through the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the University of California, Davis. 

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