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Grants List


Sutter Health Systems

Partners Advancing Clinical Excellence (PACE) Phase II

For the continuation of the Partners Advancing Clinical Excellence (PACE) initiative, in strengthening its efforts to reduce severe sepsis mortality rates at five San Francisco Bay Area Sutter affiliates. This project will lead to three outcomes at each of the five Sutter affiliates: 1) significant reduction in the hospital-wide severe sepsis mortality rate, 2) achievement of an evidence-based target for an additional driver of mortality and/or complications, and 3) maintenance of the improvement gains realized on four Phase I PACE council initiatives through 2013.

Title: Partners Advancing Clinical Excellence (PACE) Phase II
Date Awarded: Oct 2009
Amount: $2,180,000
Term: 50 months
Grant ID: GBMF2205
Funding Area: Patient Care, Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative
Organization Name: Sutter Health Systems