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Grants List


Courtesy of Fernanda Preto and CSF

Conservation Strategy Fund

Frontier Conservation Planning

This grant to Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) will contribute to an integrated consortia effort to develop a rational approach to conservation and socioeconomic development in two strategic geographies with in the Amazon Basin. Specifically, this includes the corridor of the BR-319 federal highway paving project that extends from Porto Velho to Manaus, and the Transoceanic Highway, or MAP region, where Brazil, Bolivia and Peru all share borders. The project will focus on land-use policy and the mitigation of infrastructure projects proposed in these regions, and is strategically integrated into the five-year, $65 million USAID-funded Amazon Basin Conservation Initiative.

Title: Frontier Conservation Planning
Date Awarded: Jun 2007
Amount: $1,518,850
Term: 36 months
Grant ID: GBMF1390
Funding Area: Environmental Conservation, Andes-Amazon Initiative
Organization Name: Conservation Strategy Fund