Grant Name:

Suriname Indigenous Land Management

  • Date Awarded:
    Oct 2011
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    14 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:
    Environmental Conservation

To provide technical support to the Surinamese Government’s ongoing process of land use zoning and demarcation, and to support the establishment of a park guard force in Amapá and Pará States, Brazil.

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Oct 2011 Suriname Indigenous Land Management Environmental Conservation 14 months $396,885
Jun 2008 Protected area creation and effective management in South Suriname/Northern Brazil Environmental Conservation 39 months $2,278,865
Oct 2005 Indigenous Land Protection in Suriname and Brasil Environmental Conservation 36 months $1,538,000
Aug 2003 Biodiversity Conservation in the Suriname-Brazil Border Environmental Conservation 24 months $837,000
Oct 2001 Biodiversity Conservation in the Northeast Amazon: A Biocultural Approach Environmental Conservation 12 months $407,100

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