Grant Name:

Alexandra Worden Investigator Award

  • Date Awarded:
    May 2013
  • Amount:
  • Term:
    66 months
  • Grant ID:
  • Funding Area:

In support of laboratory and field-based research to further the understanding of phytoplankton genomics, physiology and population dynamics, interactions with other marine microbes, and how phytoplankton uptake of CO2 will transition under natural and human-induced perturbations.

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Oct 2013 Applications of the Environmental Sample Processor (ESP) Science 36 months $1,100,000
May 2013 Alexandra Worden Investigator Award Science 66 months $1,684,000
Sep 2010 Microfluidic chip technologies to enhance environmental monitoring Science 49 months $3,060,000
Nov 2007 Development of marine eukaryotic metagenomic methods Science 39 months $950,351
Oct 2007 Lab of Alexandra Z. Worden, PhD Science 16 months $191,224
Nov 2005 Remote Detection of Marine Microbes and Genes Science 36 months $664,720

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