On July 8, 2016, the Patient Care Program of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation announced a call for submissions by early-career investigators in the field of patient and family engagement. This marks the foundation’s third year in supporting investigators in the field with the goal of building capacity in the broader health community. Cohorts from the past two years can be viewed here.

To overcome barriers inhibiting adoption of strategies and interventions in patient and family engagement, the foundation sees early-career investigators, who are participating in innovative, translational research, as catalysts for change.

“Early-career investigators bring an energy and passion to their research that can help accelerate it from translational to applied, impacting the broader health care system” said Susan Baade, M.P.H., program officer, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. “With these awards, we not only intend to support innovative efforts that can improve the experience and outcomes of patient care, but also help develop the careers of individuals who are in their earlier years of research.”

Calls for Letters of Intent are open July 8 through August, 1, 2016. Full details on eligibility and criteria for submissions can be found on this page here. The foundation will award up to $150,000 over three years to up to four early-career investigators.

As part of the early-career investigator awards, the foundation will consider projects at every level of care – from community-based safety, chronic disease management and preference sensitive decision-making to approaches that may be specific to serious illness. Interests also extend beyond specific discrete interventions to policies and other scalable approaches that encourage and enable the engagement of patients, and their loved ones, in their health care.

Award recipients must be conducting work that has the potential to demonstrate the value of patient and family engagement as well as remove roadblocks and enable accelerants in the field. Prospective candidates should identify a project concept that will advance the field, while also identifying a senior mentor to advise them during the duration of the award. Projects varying in scope and area of interest within patient and family engagement will be considered and are not limited to any one health care setting.



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