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Courtesy of The Tech Museum of InnovationCourtesy of Esther Kutnick and the ExploratoriumCourtesy of the California Academy of SciencesCourtesy of Chabot Space & Science CenterCourtesy of the Regents of the University of California
Activating the scientist in all of us

Science & Technology Museums

We support Bay Area institutions that create greater scientific awareness.

Our Science and Technology Museums Program supports San Francisco Bay Area institutions that have the power to reach a large and diverse audience with rich scientific information. These institutions offer experiences that spur people to ask questions, think critically and try to understand how things around them work. In doing so, they activate the inner scientist in all of us and lay a foundation for broad appreciation of science in the world around us.

We support educational programming, design of exhibit experiences, teacher development and research and evaluation at these learning centers. We have made investments in such work at the California Academy of Sciences, Chabot Space and Science Center, Exploratorium, Lawrence Hall of Science and the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Recent Grants

$300,000.00 Oct 2015 Planning for Earth By Design Gallery Tech Museum of Innovation
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Courtesy of the Exploratorium


Ken Moore, Director, San Francisco Bay Area

Ken Moore serves as director for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s San Francisco Bay Area program, which supports land conservation and science and technology institutions, and oversees th…

Janet Coffey, Ph.D., Program Officer, Science Learning

Janet oversees the Science Learning portfolio of grants at the foundation.  Previously, Janet was a College of Education faculty member at the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research i…

Sue Crockett, Senior Administrative Assistant, San Francisco Bay Area

Sue is a senior administrative assistant for the foundation.

She has been with the foundation since its founding in 2001. Previously, she worked at the Bank of America for 25 years.