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Supporting sustainable use of our remaining wild salmon runs

Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative

We foster solutions to sustain the wild salmon ecosystems of the North Pacific.

Salmon play a critical ecological role throughout their life-cycle: from the streams where they hatch, to estuaries, to the open ocean, and back to their native streams where they spawn and die. And they are vital to the commercial and cultural lives of the communities that depend upon them.

Salmon thrive in Alaska, northern British Columbia and Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. In these regions, great migrations of wild salmon still return to the rivers each year to spawn.

We are working with partners across the North Pacific to ensure that these salmon ecosystems remain healthy.

Specific strategies include the following:

  • Maintain healthy habitat in key watersheds
  • Ensure sustainable management of salmon fisheries
  • Promote natural resource use practices that are compatible with maintaining healthy salmon systems

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Recent Grants

$10,000,000.00 Nov 2015 Pacific Salmon Watersheds Fund Tides Canada Foundation
$392,519.00 Jul 2015 Headwaters Initiative Transition Skeena Wild Conservation Trust
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Courtesy of Michael Webster


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