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Courtesy of Rachel Strader
Supporting conservation and sustainable use of the oceans

Marine Conservation Initiative

We support healthy ocean ecosystems that can sustain food, jobs and recreation over the long term.

With a growing global population placing ever-greater demands on the ocean, the long-term health of the ocean is threatened by the short-term pursuit of more fish and more profits. That’s why we believe economic incentives aligned with conservation goals can provide lasting benefits for ocean ecosystems and the people who depend on them.


To that end, we focus on two of the largest, yet most solvable, threats to the oceans: overfishing (including bycatch and discards of unwanted catch) and habitat degradation. In partnership with our grantees, we tackle these threats by:

  • Bringing together fishermen, governments, First Nations, recreational users and others to develop comprehensive plans for managing all of the activities occurring in a specific place; and
  • Reforming fishery management systems to ensure that both jobs and fisheries are sustainable.

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Recent Grants

$750,000.00 Nov 2015 Supporting Ecosystem Based Management in Ocean Planning Natural Resources Defense Council
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Courtesy of Rachel Strader


Denny Takahashi Kelso, Ph.D., J.D., Program Director, Marine Conservation

Denny leads the marine conservation team, overseeing the foundation’s work on ocean planning and reforming fisheries management. He has dedicated his career to ocean conservation, most recently…

Meaghan Calcari Campbell , Program Officer, Marine Conservation

Meaghan’s primary work focuses on bringing together diverse interests in British Columbia to resolve conflict and ensure a healthy ocean and sustainable communities. Previously, she was at Conse…

Sean Cosgrove, Program Officer

Based primarily in Washington, D.C., Sean manages the foundation’s grant portfolios related to Mid-Atlantic ocean planning and national policy for fisheries and ocean planning. With more than …

Natalie Ragan, Program Associate, Marine Conservation

Natalie supports the strategic grantmaking process for the Marine Conservation Initiative to ensure healthy marine ecosystems for sustainable use. Before joining the Marine Conservation team, Natalie…

Rachel Strader, Program Officer, Marine Conservation

Rachel oversees the portfolio of grants for ocean planning in New England and reforming fisheries management in both New England and the West Coast of the U.S., as well as develops strategy and foster…

Mary Turnipseed, Ph.D., Program Officer, Marine Conservation

Mary focuses on grantmaking to support healthy communities and productive marine ecosystems through comprehensive ocean planning and management in the North American Arctic.   Mary contributed st…