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Press Releases


Press Releases


Sempervirens Fund purchases conservation easements on two Girl Scout properties in Santa Cruz mountains

Sempervirens Fund March 1, 2012

The Girl Scouts' 100th anniversary celebration theme, "Forever Green," now rings more true thanks to the purchase by Sempervirens Fund of conservation easements on two Girl Scout properties in the Santa Cruz Mountains that will protect redwood forests and habitat from subdivision, development, and commercial timber harvest while enabling Girl ...

California Institute of Technology

Some bacteria attack using spring-loaded poison daggers

By Kimm Fesenmaier Caltech February 27, 2012

Bacteria have evolved different systems for secreting proteins into the fluid around them or into other cells. Some, for example, have syringe-like exterior structures that can pierce other cells and inject proteins. Another system, called a type VI secretion system, is found in about a quarter of all bacteria with ...

California Institute of Technology

Caltech establishes new Chemistry of Cellular Signaling Center

By Kimm Fesenmaier Caltech February 17, 2012

Chemists have become extremely adept at characterizing biology's molecules—at determining structures and investigating the roles of individual membrane proteins or cell receptors, for example. But molecules in a living cell rarely work alone. They constantly receive chemical and physical signals from other molecules and, in turn, communicate with still others. ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Ocean microbes changing, but environmental impact is unclear

Oregon State University February 9, 2012

As oceans warm due to climate change, water layers will mix less and affect the microbes and plankton that pump carbon out of the atmosphere – but researchers say it’s still unclear whether these processes will further increase global warming or decrease it. 

The forces at work are enormous and ...

Nearly one million acres of Amazon rainforest conserved in Peru

February 4, 2012

Nature and Culture International, in conjunction with government leaders and an endangered indigenous group in the Peruvian Amazon Basin announced today the formal declaration of a 970,000-acre rainforest reserve in the Loreto Region of northeastern Peru. The Maijuna Reserve is 22% larger than California’s Yosemite National Park, and consists of ...

Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

New e-patient research by doctoral students, faculty at Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing

UC Davis Medical Center February 1, 2012

A team of scholars from the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis and the University of Maryland School of Nursing published the first article in academic nursing literature about the electronic-savvy patient, or e-patient. 

The article is also the first published by a group of doctoral ...


Sonoma Land Trust and LandPaths link up to create Bohemia Ecological Preserve

Sonoma Land Trust January 31, 2012

Two Sonoma County nonprofit conservation groups, Sonoma Land Trust and LandPaths, announced the creation of a new 554-acre nature preserve on the Bohemia Ranch located between Occidental and Monte Rio near Camp Meeker. The forested land adjacent to the famous Bohemian Grove contains a waterfall, camping potential and fields of ...

Marine Conservation Initiative

Major study of ocean acidification helps scientists evaluate effects of atmospheric carbon dioxide on marine life

Might a penguin's next meal be affected by the exhaust from your tailpipe? The answer may be yes, when you add your exhaust fumes to the total amount of carbon dioxide lofted into the atmosphere by humans since the industrial revolution. One-third of that carbon dioxide is absorbed by the ...

Plant Science Collaboration with HHMI

Call to arms: how plants mobilize defenses

When pathogens invade, growing plants must change their priorities. Growth must be temporarily slowed while the plant turns its attention – and genetic resources – to fortifying its defenses. Now, researchers have discovered a molecular master switch that triggers this genetic overhaul, altering the activity of as many as 3,000 ...

Plant Science Collaboration with HHMI

Chemical signal helps plants control their “breathing”

For most plants, staying alive means adapting quickly to a constantly changing environment. In a drought, staving off water loss is vital. On a sunny day, absorbing carbon dioxide to generate energy through photosynthesis is key. Now, researchers have discovered how plants regulate the development of stomata, the pores through ...

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