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Press Releases


Press Releases

Thirty Meter Telescope

Scientific authorities sign the TMT master agreement

Thirty Meter Telescope July 25, 2013

The Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project announces today that all of the scientific authorities of the TMT partners have signed a Master Agreement. The Master Agreement document establishes a formal agreement amongst the international parties defining the project goals, establishing a governance structure and defining member party rights, obligations and ...

Research published in Nature sequences oil palm genome and identifies gene critical for yield of palm oil, major source of edible vegetable oil

Orion Genomics July 24, 2013

A multinational team of scientists from the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and Orion Genomics today announced the publication of two papers in the journal Nature outlining the genome sequencing of the oil palm plant and the identification of a single gene, called Shell, that is responsible for increasing the ...

Newly discovered marine viruses offer glimpse into untapped biodiversity

By Daniel Stolte University of Arizona July 23, 2013

Researchers of the University of Arizona's Tucson Marine Phage Lab have discovered a dozen new types of unknown viruses that infect different strains of marine bacteria. 

Bacteriophages come in different shapes and sizes. This one has a "head" containing the virus' DNA and a "tail" with which it attaches to bacterial cells ...

First hi-res national carbon map-Panama

A team of researchers has for the first time mapped the above ground carbon density of an entire country in high fidelity. They integrated field data with satellite imagery and high-resolution airborne Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) data to map the vegetation and to quantify carbon stocks throughout the Republic ...

Fiji's largest marine reserve swimming with sharks

Researchers from the Wildlife Conservation Society and the University of Western Australia have found that Fiji’s largest marine reserve contains more sharks than surrounding areas that allow fishing, evidence that marine protected areas can be good for sharks.

In a study of the no-take reserve’s shark populations, the researchers found ...

Evaluating conservation grantmaking from a social science perspective

June 17, 2013

Grantmakers interested in environmental conservation typically focus on ecological metrics like air or water quality, animal populations or the number of acres protected. Yet the path to reaching those targets nearly always requires human behavior or policy change. A report out this month from George Mason University shines new light ...

Miguel A. Jorge to head global sustainable fisheries coalition

June 12, 2013

Miguel Angel Jorge has been named as the first managing director of 50in10, a collaboration launched with the 10-year goal of bringing 50 percent of the world’s fisheries under sustainable management, while increasing economic benefits by $20 billion annually. The goal of 50in10 was inspired by comments made by ...

Japan signals its commitment to the TMT project

Thirty Meter Telescope June 3, 2013

In an important milestone for the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) project, Japan, one of the project's five international partners, has indicated its strong national backing for the next-generation astronomical observatory.

On Wednesday, May 15, the Japanese parliament, known as the Diet, passed a fiscal year 2013 budget that includes key ...

Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative

Hospital collaborative reduces readmissions by 11 percent

May 23, 2013

A collaborative that includes 21 San Francisco Bay Area hospitals has reduced the number of discharged patients readmitted to local hospitals by 11 percent, which represents about 3,300 hospitalizations and saves an estimated $32 million in medical costs.  

This is good news for patients and hospitals: patients aren’t returning ...

Moore-supported researcher Nicole King selected as HHMI investigator

Nicole King, who was named a junior Marine Microbiology investigator in 2004, was selected as an HHMI investigator.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) announced today that 27 of the nation’s top biomedical researchers will become HHMI investigators and will receive the flexible support necessary to move their research in creative new ...

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