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Press Releases


Press Releases

Special Projects in Science

International research collaboration seeks to develop non-invasive quantum electron microscope

February 20, 2013

Moving closer to creating a microscope that can peer through atoms and molecules without disturbing them, leading physics researchers have joined together with support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to launch an international collaboration to lay the groundwork for the development of a novel quantum electron microscope.  ...

Exploratorium debuts Sound Uncovered, an iPad app for those with a case of curiosity

Exploratorium February 12, 2013

The Exploratorium, the world-renowned museum and global leader in informal learning, today released Sound Uncovered, a free iPad app that takes users on an exploration of auditory illusions and acoustic phenomena, using science and inquiry to help us understand the world around us. The app puts users at the center ...

UC Davis enhances nurse practitioner, physician assistant program to offer master's degrees

UC Davis Health System February 7, 2013

Already, a majority of UC Davis nurse practitioner and physician assistant graduates go on to work as primary-care providers in underserved areas and with hopes of further increasing these rates, the program will offer master's degrees beginning with classes that enroll this summer. 

"UC Davis has a rich legacy of ...

Patients engaged in their care have better health outcomes, lower costs

February 4, 2013

Patients who are more engaged in their health care–including making decisions with physicians and other healthcare professionals, understanding risks, benefits and alternatives to care and being activated to self-manage chronic conditions–have better health outcomes, according to studies released today in the February issue of Health Affairs.  

But does ...

Save the Redwoods League raises $4 million to protect some of the tallest and oldest redwood forests left in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Save the Redwoods League January 29, 2013

Save the Redwoods League, the only nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting redwood forests throughout their natural range, reached its first major milestone by raising half of the $8 million cost to protect some of the tallest and oldest redwood forests left in San Mateo and Santa Cruz counties. To succeed, ...

Microbiologists eavesdrop on the hidden lives of microbes

By Denise Brehm MITnews January 22, 2013

Microbiologists who study wild marine microbes, as opposed to the lab-grown variety, face enormous challenges in getting a clear picture of the daily activities of their subjects. But a team of scientists from MIT and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute recently figured out how to make the equivalent of ...

Paradise found for Latin America’s largest terrestrial mammal

Wildlife Conservation Society scientists have documented a thriving population of lowland tapirs — the strange forest and grassland-dwelling herbivore with the trunk-like snout — living in a network of remote national parks spanning the Peru-Bolivia border.

Using a combination of camera traps, along with interviews with park guards and subsistence ...

Faulty behavior

By Katie Neith Caltech January 8, 2013

In an earthquake, ground motion is the result of waves emitted when the two sides of a fault move—or slip—rapidly past each other, with an average relative speed of about three feet per second. Not all fault segments move so quickly, however—some slip slowly, through a process called creep, and ...

New study discovers how some corals can resist climate change

January 7, 2013

In a future shaped by climate change, where will ocean life still thrive? Are there heat resistant organisms that can survive a warmer ocean? A recent study from Stanford University published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences opens a window into how some reef-building corals ...

WHOI research projects awarded $5.2 M to support marine microbial research

There are more microbes in a bucket of seawater than there are people on Earth. Despite their abundance, humans are only just beginning to fathom the complex role marine microbes play in the ocean ecosystem. 

These tiny creatures are responsible for the chemical reactions that drive Earth’s marine biogeochemical cycles, ...

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