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Courtesy of Phil Freeman/WWF-Australia - The Peruvian government and key partners sign a Memorandum of Understanding that aims to ensure the viability of 76 protected areas (20 million hectares) in the Peruvian Amazon



Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative

Primary care workforce shortages and career recommendations from practicing clinicians

By Catherine M. DesRoches, DrPH; Peter Buerhaus, PhD; Robert S. Dittus, MD, MPH; and Karen Donelan, ScD, EdM Academic Medicine January 6, 2015

Current shortages of primary care physicians are expected to worsen in the coming years. Recent findings from the Health Resources and Services Administration suggest that the demand for primary care will result in a projected shortage of approximately 20,400 primary care physicians. These projections take on increased significance as up ...

Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative

66 percent of doctors recommend careers as nurse practitioners instead

By News Staff Science 2.0 January 6, 2015

Despite high wages, there has been a shortage of primary care physicians in America and the Affordable Care Act, coupled with an increased 'teach to the protocol' environment in medical school, is going to make the shortage worse.

With medical school costing so much, and increasing procedural limitations on how ...

Bringing life to computer models of marine microbes

Massachusetts News January 5, 2015

As a member of the interdisciplinary Darwin Project in the MIT Earth Systems Initiative, biogeochemical modeler Michael (Mick) Follows investigates the enormous role phytoplankton play in the ocean ecosystem. These tiny photosynthetic organisms float around by the billions, providing half the world’s total oxygen and cycling carbon in our atmosphere ...

Thirty Meter Telescope

Astronomy has been economic boon for Big Island; new telescope will continue trend

By Associated Press December 29, 2014

Astronomy has been good for the Hawaii economy, especially the Big Island, according to report by the University of Hawaii's Economic Research Organization.

Direct and indirect benefits in 2012 totaled nearly $168 million in the state, including nearly $91.5 million on Hawaii Island, the report concluded.

"The astronomy sector in ...


City A.M.'s World Charity Index 2014 - who's made the list of top givers?

By Chris Parmenter and Jeron Gerlag City A.M. December 18, 2014

Considered one of Silicon Valley’s founding fathers, Gordon Moore is another seminal figure in the history of computing to make it into the top 20 of the City A.M. Charity Index.

Almost five decades ago, Moore predicted computing power would double every two years – the so called “Moore’s Law”. ...

Moore logo

Investing in America's dazzling scientific talent

By Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. Huffington Post December 18, 2014

America's global economic preeminence is built largely on scientific and technological innovation, which is an outgrowth of basic science research. That should cause America's investment in such research to grow significantly, especially with so many Americans still in need of jobs -- and good ones at that. While it's tempting ...

Patient and Family Engagement

Consumer Reports: “Respectful” treatment key to patient safety?

By Casey Quinlan December 16, 2014

In a report released today (December 16, 2014), Consumer Reports shares insights from a survey of 1,200 people who were recently hospitalized. SPM is not surprised by the findings, which include the fact that patients who said they received respectful treatment by hospital clinicians reported fewer medical errors and better ...

Patient and Family Engagement

The surprising way to stay safe in the hospital

Consumer Reports December 16, 2014

When Kathy Day, a retired nurse in Bangor, Maine, received a diagnosis of uterine cancer, she decided to focus not only on how her condition would be treated but also on the way she wanted to be treated by the doctors and nurses in the hospital. As a nurse, Day ...

Patient and Family Engagement

Consumer Reports finds striking link between "respectful" treatment and medical errors

December 16, 2014

YONKERS, NY — In a new report that explores the important role of patient “engagement”, that is open communication with respect and dignity, Consumer Reports has found a striking link between respectful treatment in the hospital and preventable medical errors. It examines the relationship between patient communication and hospital errors, ...

Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative

Obama protects Alaska's Bristol Bay from oil and gas drilling

By Maria L. La Ganga December 16, 2014

In a boon to commercial fishermen, conservationists and Native Alaskans, President Obama on Tuesday withdrew the waters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay from oil and gas development, vowing to protect the world’s biggest sockeye salmon fishery.

Calling the region “one of America’s greatest natural resources and a massive economic engine, not ...

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