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In The News


In The News

Moore-funded projects highlighted on President Obama’s trip to Alaska

White House September 2, 2015

This week, President Obama is traveling in Alaska to attend the US State Department's Conference on Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience (GLACIER). Two Moore-funded projects—one for Sustainable Southeast Alaska Communities and the other for a proof of concept for a vertical-axis wind turbine farm in ...

Beth Israel launches big data effort to improve ICU care

By Beth Bacheldor Information Management September 2, 2015

This fall, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center will begin using a new technology that provides live data in real-time for health care providers to analyze and determine the level of risk an ICU at any given time. The project, known as Risky States, was developed in partnership with scientists from MIT ...

Marine Microbiology Initiative

Climate change will irreversibly force key ocean bacteria into overdrive

By Robert Perkins University of Southern California September 1, 2015

Moore Foundation grantees at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), in a collaboration with scientists at University of Southern California, have discovered that Trichodesmium, an important group of ocean bacteria, will respond to climate change conditions by reproducing faster and ultimately endangering other organisms that depend on its function.

Marine Microbiology ...

Moore Foundation 'Founders' Intent' emphasizes scientific methodology

Philanthropy News Digest August 31, 2015

Philanthropy News Digest writes about the wishes and expectations for philanthropic giving shared by our founders, Gordon and Betty, in the Founders' Intent statement. This is the first formal articulation of the founder's intentions for giving since establishing the foundation in 2000. Dr. Gordon Moore writes that the foundation should ...

Sense of purpose


What happens when the founders of the nation’s ninth-largest private philanthropy want to clarify their sense of purpose? Northern California Grantmakers members Gordon and Betty Moore set out to let their organization know what’s important to them. Read the recently released Founders' Intent statement and the full post from NCG...

Clinicians are rallied to view emotional harm as the new 'human' error in health care

By Bette Weinstein Kaplan OncologyNurseAdvisor August 31, 2015

In her story, medical writer Bette Weinstein Kaplan covers pioneering work at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston: moving from preventing physical medical harms to patients to include preventing emotional harm. A recent paper published in BMJ (read more here), calls "emotional harm the neglected harm." Lead author Lauge ...

Gordon and Betty Moore say science and measurable results should guide grants

By Alex Daniels Chronicle of Philanthropy August 28, 2015

Our president, Harvey V. Fineberg, speaks with Alex Daniels at the Chronicle of Philanthropy and shares for the first time our Founders' Intent. The document gives important guidance on how to approach philanthropic giving at the foundation, explains the ares of its funding and notes that scientific methodology should be ...

Improving patient care by strengthening the nursing workforce

August 26, 2015

For the past decade, our Betty Irene Moore Nursing Initiative has focused on engaging nurses to improve patient care. Part of this focus included strengthening the nursing workforce. From the start, we saw and began addressing a nursing shortfall in California and the need to better prepare nurses for an ...

Helping seniors stay healthy at home


Our grantee, Mills-Peninsula Health Services, shares details on its program Peninsula Circle of Care that supports older adults as they transition from the hospital to their home or another care setting. As the U.S. population grows older, focusing on how to keep older adults healthy at home and out of ...

Short-circuiting the biological pump

By Evan Lubofsky Oceanus Magazine August 24, 2015

In the latest issue of Oceanus magazine, Moore Foundation grantees Benjamin Van Mooy, Kay Bidle and colleagues discuss their study of tiny plankton that help sequester carbon dioxide in the ocean.

This process, called the “biological pump,” could convert nearly every atom of carbon drawn into the ocean ​into organic carbon. However, "like hail ...

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