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Brazil could meet all its food demand by 2040 without cutting down another tree

Courtesy of Andre Baertschi | July 24, 2014
Better utilization of its vast areas of pasturelands could enable Brazil to dramatically boost agricultural production without the need to clear another hectare of Amazon rainforest, cerrado, or Atlantic forest, argues a new study published in the journal Global Environmental Change

Modeling agricultural yield potential, Brazilian researchers from the International Institute for Sustainability, Brazil's agricultural research agency Embrapa, and the national space research agency INPE find that Brazil could turn more than 30 million hectares of land that is currently pasture over to more productive crops, increasing overall agricultural output. 

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To read the study, click here.

CITATION: Bernardo B.N. Strassburg et al (2014). When enough should be enough: Improving the use of current agricultural lands could meet production demands and spare natural habitats in Brazil. Global Environmental Change 28 (2014) 84–97


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