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You've been discharged. Now what?

By Lisa Esposito U.S. News and World Report July 15, 2014

Most people leave the hospital with absolutely no desire to return. But many U.S. patients come back all too soon as their at-home recoveries unravel. So who’s responsible for these expensive, unwanted readmissions?

In the past, the onus was put on patients: They were "noncompliant" – not taking their medications, flouting discharge instructions, leading unhealthy lifestyles. And as long as patients ignored what was best for them, the thinking went, the in-and-out-of-the-hospital cycle would continue.

But massive costs to the health care system eventually forced a closer examination of excessive readmission. At least one root cause emerged: Hospitals haven't been doing a good enough job getting patients ready to go home – and stay there.

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