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Eliminating preventable harm in academic medical centers: the Libretto Consortium and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

By Loren Pogir Health Affairs GrantWatch Blog March 18, 2014
Imagine a health care system where medical harms no longer occur. Where technology is connected and systems talk to each other. Where doctors, nurses, patients, and families work as a team, and decisions about health care are shared. Imagine a health care system that is so finely tuned that it can eliminate preventable harms, cut health care costs, and give patients and families the voice and care they deserve.


For the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, we imagine this, and we believe it can be a reality.

Helping us make this a reality are four academic medical centers known as theLibretto Consortium. The consortium includes Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Brigham and Women’s in Boston, Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, and the University of California, San Francisco. Their efforts to address the problem of preventable harms are beginning first in the intensive care unit (ICU), one of the most complex and costly settings in health care. It is also where patients and their families are most at risk of experiencing preventable harms.

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